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*This post was brought to you by the makers of Tic Tac? mints. I received compensation to write this post?through the Tic Tac? Pack program…; all opinions expressed are my own.

So excited to share this post with you today! I came up with a fun, simple and inexpensive DIY to make to welcome your best gals to your bachelorette party! Take a gander at our Bachelorette Party Survival Kit!

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Today I'm going to show you exactly how I put together this cute Bachelorette Party Survival Kit! Check out the details below:

There are?so many options for what to include in your Bachelorette Party Survival Kit ,?but here's what we chose:

When deciding what to put inside your bachelorette party survival kit, try to think of all the things your gals might need or find useful on a fun night out! Hygiene essentialslinen sheets, hangover cures or preventatives, tasty snacks, and a little something for pampering never hurt!

And now for how to package up these goodies for your gals!

First take your mini bottle of Prosecco, a strip of ribbon about six inches long, and a paper straw. Tie a loop around the neck of the bottle, then place a straw in the center and finish the bow.?Drinking bubbly with a cute straw makes it extra special, right?

Next, take your paper bags and fill them with the items you've collected for your friends. Don't forget the Tic Tacs!

After you've filled your bag, let's package it up! Fold the top of your bag down on one side, then place your doily and fold it in half over the top so it covers both sides.

Then you'll take a hole punch and punch two holes through the doily and the paper bag.

Finally, take your ribbon and run it through the holes and tie into a bow. Easy Peasy!

If you want to personalize your party pack, you can print a cute design right onto your kraft bags using your printer at home!

VOILA! Super easy Bachelorette Party Survival Kit!

And there you have it! Such a simple and thoughtful way to gift your besties a little something for sharing this special time with you!

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