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My fiancé and I are avid Detroit Red Wings hockey fans.? We wanted to incorporate our love of the Wings into our wedding, without it looking like a child’s birthday party.? One subtle hockey touch I thought of was to wear a Red Wings garter.? ?After scouring eBay, Etsy, and NHL sites I found garters ranging from $30-$50. Ouch!

Plan B: Create my own DIY Sports Themed Garter. I decided to look for Red Wings beadslinen sheets, charms, or whatever I could find with the winged wheel logo and make my own.? I ended up finding a set of earrings on eBay that came to $6.95 with free shipping. Score!

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I then went to JoAnn Fabrics on two separate trips and purchased a spool of 2 1/4” wide red satin ribbon that came to $1.50 after a 50% off coupon. On my second trip I purchased a spool of 5/8” white satin ribbon for another $1.50 after a second 50% off coupon and a band of 3/8” braided elastic that came to $1.79. In all, I had invested $12.65 into this garter project.

Here's a DIY Garter Tutorial I created to share how I did made my garter!

Step 1: Measure your thigh & subtract about an inch. Cut the elastic to this number.? Why subtract an inch? You’ll want the garter to fit snug on your leg, but not fall off. ?I used a 15” long piece for my project.

Step 2: Double the measurement from Step 1 and use that number to cut your ribbon. For mine, that was 30”.

Step 3: Pin the Narrower Ribbon in place on top of the Wider Ribbon. For mine, I choose to offset the white ribbon. You can place it anywhere you choose for your own unique look.

Step 4: Straight stitch along one edge of the narrow ribbon

Step 5: Repeat stitching the opposition edge of the narrow ribbon

Step 6: Pin a safety pin to the end of the elastic. You’re going to use this to thread the elastic though the pocket between the two ribbons

Step 7: Thread the elastic though the ribbon pocket. Be careful not to pull the end of the elastic though, otherwise you’ll have to start over! (A mistake I made on the first try!). Scrunch the ribbon up as you thread the elastic.

Step 8: Turn the garter inside out – so the side that will be facing your leg will be on the outside. Align and pin the edges together.

Step 9: Stitch the edges together. I started with a straight stitch, then a zig zag, then another straight for good measure.

Step 10: Cut the excess edges off the garter for a more finished look

Step 11: Create bows, or other decorations you’d like to add.? I created two bows then over lapped them and used a needle & thread to hand stitch them onto garter. Then I added the Red Wings Charms.

In the end, I had enough ribbon to make two garters! One for my fiancé to keep and one to toss.? Plus, I ended up making a third garter as well minus the Wings charms (Brilliant person that I am deleted the first set of photos I had taken off my camera! Thus, a third garter was created for how-to photos. I also have quite a bit of leftover ribbon for additional projects!)

So, lots of readers tell us they have a sewing machine and want to start using it. Some of you have an older hand-me-down that is collecting dust, while some of you are sporting fancy new machines post-holiday. Many of you want to learn how to sew but find the machine a little intimidating. That’s understandable, I had the same issue for years. The first step is learning how to thread your machine. Once you have threading down, you can just start playing with it and you’ll be a sewing master in no time. Seriously! Sewing is one area where practice really does make perfect. Well, closer to perfect.

Routines. The word makes some people cringe and some people breathe a sigh of relief. Routine can be an excellent way to establish rules, make sure your littles are eating and sleeping enough, or that they don't have a meltdown in the middle of the grocery store when you have a cart full of groceries while an impossibly long line builds behind you.

It’s almost pool time (or beach time if you’re lucky)! Time for a cute cover-up for baby. This is made from a towel, 1/2 yard of cute cotton, some double-fold bias tape and a few snaps. It’s all cozy on the inside and cutesy on the outside. I totally dig it and want a giant one to wear around the house all day while I write, ha, can you imagine?I am so beyond in love with Alexander Henry Bird Seed Fabric (also made the DIY Changing Pad Cover out of it) which is sold out pretty much everywhere but you can find some in aqua and yellow at Fabricworm! Get the full Terry Toddler Cover Up Pattern after the jump…Terry Toddler Cover Up