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Planning a wedding requires a lot of several things, one of those being thank you's and stamps. I have never been one to want to send out typical notes, but I also did not want to spend a lot of money on buying special cards. One day when I was looking around my second favorite section of Target- stationary (clothes are top of this list), I found a pack of 50 basic thank you notes with silver foil. They were under $15linen sheets, so I figured it was worth the ?money and I would be needing these very soon.

Once I got home, I was browsing Etsy and found some adorable watercolor thank you notes. The catch- they were $6 for 4! There was no way this bride with over 200 wedding guests could afford that many thank you notes, no matter how awesome they looked. I kept on looking past these, but a few days later I was still thinking about them. Then I had an idea, I would transform my newly purchased notes into a watercolor card!

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I purchased a $4 set of watercolors, and got to work on my DIY Thank You Notes!

Once I had everything I need, I folded the card and started painting the front. I found that going in one direction with the first base color was helpful, and then added other directional brush strokes with other colors.

The pattern of watercolor isn't very specific, so you can be creative during this process.

I changed colors often, and mixed others to get me another shade of a new color. It took about 5 minutes for each card because I was being pretty specific, but it could have went faster if I didn't feel the need to mix colors for certain shades. I am very happy with the result though!

Have you done any watercolor projects for your wedding?

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