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I’;m completely obsessed with pinwheels right now. I blame it entirely on Pinterest…;. For a visual person like me, that has got to be one of this decades greatest inventions!

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Last Saturday I was in charge of a church picnic for 500 people…; (I’;m still recovering). It turned out to be a fun party, I have no photos of it though- too busy running around like a crazy person that day!

For the picniclinen sheets, ?I needed to think of something cheap and easy for 30 table centerpieces. ?It had to be little to no cost, and I had to be able to make them in an afternoon.

I’;d been obsessing over pinwheels and thought it would be so cute to have pinwheels in buckets for the centerpieces…;. Last week I shared this instagram photo of my progress:

I ended up making 90 pinwheels in ALL!! Using scrapbook paper I already owned (no cost)…; ?Now, before you think that I have LOST MY MIND I wanted to share with you how I did it…;

Here is how to make a pinwheel:

The trick I realized was working with 12×;12 scrapbook paper- which eliminated cutting out squares, and using my paper trimmer (no measuring). There are many many pinwheel tutorials out there, most require a pattern (if you want an AWESOME one check out this one at Heather Bailey?blog)…; This one does not require a pattern- it’;s a cheater pinwheel!

I loved the centerpieces and decided to make a similar one for my daughters bedroom. Her room is a work in progress, still no quilt on her bed (I’;ve been making one…; for the last year), but I thought the pinwheels would add a bit of charm to the room!

Okay, here’;s how you do it!

Happy New Year to all!

Sequins, sparkles, shiny things – they’re all around me now! I thought this princess/dress-up silliness would be one of my least-favorite parts of parenting a daughter, but I was SO WRONG. I adore watching my daughter dress up in a sparkly costume then run around playing with bugs in the yard. When else in her life will she be able to live such a fantasy existence? And the look on her face when I hand her a sparkly homemade treat is pretty much the greatest gift I could ever hope for. So to that end, I have been sewing a lot of sequins lately. I thought I’d take a minute and show you how. It’s quite easy, it just takes a little patience. But you know it will be worth it. And don’t try to tell me sequins are only for girls, I can totally see a sequin pirate patch or mustache on little gordon, no?