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Every now and then, I’;m on a local ABC morning show called AMNW. ?I’;m their “;creative blogger”; and I taught Helen, the morning show host how to stamp metal this month…;…;.all in 4 to 6 minutes. I love the people and surprisingly I don’;t get nervous. ?I only get nervous thinking I’;m going to forget to bring everything and then setting up. Stamped metal is so popular for jewelry making, but I love stamping on old pieces of silverware. TCL is full of easy DIY projects like How to Make Ric Rac Flowers.

I’;ve been a fan of Stamped Metal Jewelry for a long time. ?I have a few friends online that do it for a living and I can tell youlinen sheets, I’;d starve. ?I have mastered the VERY simple aspects of this craft, making stamped silverware, washers, dog tags…;…;using just letters and numbers. ?I’;ll leave the fancy cute stuff up to my friends.

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I made these cute stamped metal drink charms. I used blank metal pieces, but you could also use washers. (I also made other drink charms you may like that are not stamped) I’;ve also seen people stamp on metal or copper plant stake markers. (affiliate link)

My favorite as mentioned is stamping on old antique silverware. Frame them, place a few in a mason jar, or use as a plant marker.

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Now your stamped item?is visible and ready for use!

Why a donut pillow? Why of all things worth creating, why chose a donut pillow?

If you saw our Summer 2016 catalog, we bet you couldn’t help but swoon over the dining room designed by Entertaining Expert and Better Homes & Gardens Editor, Eddie Ross. This colorful space featured Square Back Louis Chairs in a vibrant red and magenta animal print, peony pink curtain panels, and bold art. We thought we’d share how to get this look in your own home.

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