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Chloe’;s little nursery has been a work in process. I’;m not sure why it has taken so long…;.nothing in there has been very time consuming.? It has just been a matter of finishing up a few small details up.?

And the latest addition came from seeing an image on terest but when I followed the , it was a dead end.? Does that really bug anyone else? Haha!? Anyway, the concept wasn’;t too tough, so I just made something similar.?

decorative pillow covers

And now Chloe has some simple little birdies…;…;perched above her crib.

They sit alone on the wall above her crib but I love the simplicity.

The birdies are made from fabric and a button eye.? And are attached to little 6 inch canvases.? Ohlinen sheets, and did I mention that this is like a 20 minute project?? Quickie-quick!

Ooooh, they’;re cute.? See?

I used Mod Podge to attach them to each canvas, so those little suckers are not coming off. ;)

Ahhh, looking cuter already.? All I need now, is a sweet little crib skirt.? (Don’;t worry, it’;s already half made!)

Want to make some little birdies of your own?

Supplies Needed:

**Keep in mind, the template was made for a 6 inch canvas.? (Adjust if necessary.)

Cut out 1 bird body and 2 wings per canvas.? Place it on your canvas to see if you like the size.

Then, paint a layer of Mod Podge on the back side of your fabric bird.

Then place down onto the canvas and press down firmly.? Apply another coat of Mod Podge right on top.

Add the wings the same way and add a coat of Mod Podge over the entire thing, making sure to seal all the edges with Mod Podge.

Once the Mod Podge dries (or almost dries), paint some skinny little legs with your paint.

Then hot glue a button eye right onto the bird.

And that’;s it.? All ready to hang.


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