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Rekindle those memories of the hotels you love and the stays that made you feel at home—almost always, it's thoughtful details that create a warm welcome. You can do the same for your guests. Enjoy quality time with your loved ones this Holiday by properly preparing for their stay.?

linen sheets

Here's how to create an organic inviting stay:

1. Storage space.?Clear out a dresser and free up closet space (and hangers) so that guests can unpack. Make them feel more comfortable from the start.

2. Duvets Inserts.?Make the bed with a fresh duvet? insert?or comforter. And since not everyone sleeps at the same temperature, make sure you have a couple options to provide.?

3. Sheets. Sheets are a crucial part of your guests comfort. Soft percalelinen sheets, cozy flannel or silky sateen? Think of these when choosing for you guest.?

4.?Pillows.?Soft, firm or somewhere in between? Accommodate pillow preferences with a backup or two in freshly cleared closet.

5. Towels.?Create an impromptu linen closet by leaving a stack of towels (bath, hand and washcloth for each guest) in the bath or bedroom your guests will be using.

6. Toiletries.?Leave out travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, lotion—and new toothbrushes—to cover anything anyone might have forgotten. We love safe products like those at S/He Apothecary. A great place to stock up on guest toiletries is Package Free.?

7. Organization space.?Balancing a toiletry kit on the side of the sink challenges the most experienced traveler. Clear some bathroom space on a counter or shelf.

8. The bedside table.?Give your guests permission to relax in their room by leaving a stack of books or new magazines. We recommend an inspirational read like the eco-conscious Regeneration Mag. Finally, you can't go wrong by adding a few bottles of water and some local snacks, either.

9. Scent. Make the guest room or bath more cozy with an organic fragrant candle or a small local bouquet. We like to order from our neighbors BloomThat.?

10. Above and beyond:?Leave out a card with your home Wi-Fi details on it and a carafe and glass for water.?

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As a little girl I can remember wrapping blankets around my hands to make a hand muff like I had seen the March sisters wear in Little Women. For a Southern California kid, there was not much purpose to the hand muff besides the glamorous style. I’d have to say though, after I made this one it has definitely gotten a lot of use. This project is great for beginners and can be made for a mama or a little lady. I also added a hidden pocket inside to stow away trinkets, or in my case a phone. Now, can gloves do that?