linen sheets Our 4th of July plans changed… pillow case baby

Well, I just couldn’;t stomach not seeing fireworks on the 4th this year.? I completely understand why many cities/towns here in Colorado went without this year.? And my heart goes out to those who have lost homes, property, and even loved ones recently.? And wow, all of the firefighterslinen sheets, forest rangers, and city officials who have spent many hours trying to contain fires all over our state (and many surrounding states) are truly courageous.? And selfless.? And I thank you.

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However, just because our town wasn’;t having fireworks, didn’;t mean I wasn’;t going to go and find a town with a safe display of fireworks. ;)? So I left my husband all to his “;on-call”; lonesome self and packed up my little monkeys…;..and within about 24 hours, headed to grandma/grandpa’;s house.? (You may be thinking to yourself, “;why wasn’;t that the original plan?”;? Well, because my husband was on-call this week, we decided to stick around and enjoy the 4th of July celebrations here in our town.? However, all firework displays were recently canceled.? Bummer.? So he booted us out of the house to find somewhere to celebrate.? Don’;t worry, he kept busy!)

I’;m not sure what it is about this holiday but watching a 4th of July parade really gets me.? I love seeing a whole group of people, gathered together to celebrate one thing we all have in common; our country.? Maybe I’;m getting old and way too sentimental about things…;..but watching this parade made my eyes a little drippy.? (And no, I’;m NOT pregnant.? Because my sister asked that too! ;) )

Everyone was happy at the parade.? Everyone clapped.? And everyone cheered.?

We even caught a fresh cinnamon roll from one of the parade participants.? So my kids considered this a REALLY good parade!

By the time evening rolled around, the excitement for fireworks was everywhere.? And we thoroughly enjoyed them.? By 11 p.m., we collapsed into bed, completely exhausted.? But very happy.

It was well worth the trip.? And change of last-minute plans.

Hope your Independence Day was beautiful.? And hope you found a parade, some fireworks, or some sort of celebration to enjoy.? (Unless you’;re not from the U.S.? But I still hope you had a great week! ;) )


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