pillow cases linen Avoid Common Mistakes When Printing DIY Invitations personalized wedding gifts

Save your work oftenTriple check for spelling errorsCheck dates, times, addressesProof over and overPrint on High quality settings

There is a good chance you can avoid printing errors for your wedding invitations or any invitation for that matter. Included in the box of printable invitations I bought were directions and a practice print page. Since I went rogue and changed my layout, adjusted my margins and basically abandoned the formal textpillow cases linen, I was happy to find out my test print was totally awesome. After I had proofed it, Chuck proofed it. Maybe we were both proofing for style, but the error slipped us both late that night. All 35 invitations were then printed with the error.? Ugh, such a bummer!

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The whole reason I wanted to use these particular boxed invitations was because I found them on clearance at Target. The box they came packaged in was torn and seemingly damaged, but I opened them in the store and inside was the entire set. Score! The very thought of having to purchase new invitations at this point was not something I budgeted to replace. I was terribly sad for about 10 minutes until I realized they could be salvaged. Yes, luckily the error was in the last bottom two lines and I could just as easily trim them off. Common mistakes like mine can easily be avoided; perhaps a third or fourth proof wouldn’t hurt either. Also, I glammed my version up with card stock accents and the purple center frills I found on clearance at Michael’s. Just a touch of glitter, you know.

How I spent $30 to create 35 DIY Invitations: Box Set of printable Anna Griffin Invitations on Clearance $6Card stock to create layered inserts?for more depth $5Card stock butterflies with my added sparkle centers $3Postage $16

Lessons to be learned…

Stop often at those back aisles for clearance deals as it is likely to be beneficial, always make the best of what you have, and remember that having some flexibility in your plans is what pulls it all together.

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