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While I’;m away attending and speaking at the BlogHer Conference (who’;s idea was that anyway?) I’;ve got an amazing team of bloggers who are willing to hold down the fort! Today’;s Post:?Baby Shoe Growth Chart by the sweet Brandy from BD Design. What a great keepsake idea!

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I have to start this post by saying how excited I am to be guest posting on TODAY’;S CREATIVE BLOG! I have been a long time reader of TCB so I’;m kinda pinching myself right now! Thanks so much for having me, Kim.

I’;m Brandy, the author behind BD Design, a lifestyle blog that includes simple?DIY projectspillow cases linen, tutorials on upcycling furniture, with some crafts and recipes sprinkled in between. You can always find me scouring the curbs of Gilbert, AZ for my next good find!

Today I will be sharing one of my most cherished items in my home. A shadow box full of vivid memories. Before we get to the tutorial, I’;ll share how this little treasure came to life.

{clearing my throat…;hmm…;.hmm}

Hello, my name is Brandy and I have a little bit of a hoarding problem!! Not like HOARDERS, the-TV-show-can’;t-see-the-floor-hoarding problem. But I like to label myself as a sentimental hoarder. That’;s okay, right?

My garage WAS filled with an unhealthy amount of bins of clothes that my girls used to wear. I’;m talking like 20 or so bins. My husband had a small intervention one spring day in order to make room for my curbside prizes. I knew some things needed to go. I went through bin after bin and each one had some piece of clothing that evoked down right emotion. I’;m not gonna lie…;there were tears! The onsie where she ate her first meal, the dress she wore for her first Christmas, the polk-a-dot sweater she wore when we would take her to swing at the park. But when I saw 4 certain pairs of shoes I knew I couldn’;t part with them.

So this sentimental hoarder decided to display them instead of donating them or worse letting them sit in a dusty bin in the garage. Every time I look at this box I remember how happy those shoes made me.

Now on to the tutorial!

What you will need:

Make a banner to add one more special personal touch. I cut up a small section of her baby blanket (if you just gasped in disbelief, you could totally use a favorite towel or other piece of clothing). ?I stitched the pieces together and hung it from the top. I don’;t know how to sew ANYTHING and I surprised myself in making this. So if I can do it, you can do it!

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