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Brown is the color of earth; it's the color of everyday life and it's the color that stands for rustic. It's also the color that expresses the warmth of an old-fashioned room lit by candles, which brings back memories of the Golden Age.


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Ellie has long been inspired by the Golden Age in the Netherlands. She has been inspired by the characteristic approach to light, color and contrast as a means to create the illusion of space and depth. For several yearspillow cases linen, she's been studying these techniques in oil painting. It's Ellie's hope to apply these 'Golden Age' insights and techniques using new technology, in a new context and on a larger scale to create a truly unique style of floral print which doesn't hang on a wall but is the wall, the mood, the experience. Her newest design, A Golden Age Chestnut Brown, is Ellie's favorite version.


Brown can highlight the coziness of your home: just add some brown details and it will create an incredible warmth in your surroundings. We like to pair A Golden Age Chestnut Brown with leather furniture, warm wood tones and soft textiles like sheep skins. And last but not least: add some golden details for a touch of sparkle and shine and your Golden Age feeling is complete!


Does you desk eat your mail? Does it disappear into oblivion? The solution is simple. This trendy In/Out mail organizer will keep your mail handy until you’re ready to open it… or mail it out. Dress it up with your favorite fabric, add a touch of embroidery and you have a creative answer to everyday clutter

Hello from Faith over at Fresh Lemons Quilts!?This week I am really excited to share a new, simple, beginner friendly quilt pattern that also just happens to support a cause close to my heart.?Quilters are generous people.?Why do many of us make quilts??To gift them to others—as a thank you perhaps, sometimes for a celebration, or at times to comfort those hurting.?One wonderful organization that gives comfort to children is Project Linus.

This stroller, made from recycled, non-toxic plastic bottles, is great for getting around with kids between 6 months and 4 years old, according to Sylvana Ward-Durrett, the co-founder and chief executive officer of children’s gear website Maisonette. “It’s super lightweight and comfortable for your child, making an on-the-go parent’s life so much easier,” she says. The built-in canopy shelters kids from light drizzles, and an attachable rain cover (sold separately) made from breathable, non-toxic materials can easily be slipped on when those drizzles turn into a downpour. (The cover folds into a small pouch that hooks onto the stroller’s frame, keeping it at arm’s reach when you need it.)