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You are going to LOVE this easy DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl project!?I love summer entertaining hanging outside on my deck or in my outdoor room, so I was so excited to try this! I mean, who doesn’;t want a fire bowl? It reminds me of my easy DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights I made too!

Once I had my supplies, I put this together in about 5 minutes!

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Now that my DIY tabletop fire bowl is completed, I may actually re-position and add two more cans of the Sterno burning gel and thenpillow cases linen, of course, move it away from my deck railing. We don’;t want to burn the house down.

Who wants to make one?

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Finding fire glass was my biggest obstacle. No one seemed to carry it, so I ordered it directly from Lowe’;s and just picked it up from the store. There are no shipping costs, which was nice.

I thought the rocks were going to be smaller and didn’;t expect them to be big chunks, but what’;s a girl to do?

I had a small wide flower bowl?I also picked up from Lowe’;s and used a 10lb bag of the rocks. I didn’;t think it would be enough at first, so I filled the bottom with pea gravel, then topped it off with the blue fire glass. I loosened the lid of?the sterno can and then wedged the can into the?center. I found the gel flame cans at my local Fred Meyer in the camping section.

Rocks, pea gravel, or any hard non-flammable material will work great. The fire isn’;t in direct contact like it would be for a natural gas firepit and there is very little heat generated.

The fiberglass is beautiful and it worked well, but it’;s expensive.

And I hate to admit it, but the pea gravel looked more my style and would have worked great…;…;and here I already had a full bucket in my potting area.

Now I had to wait till it was dark to see how it was going to look.?

I couldn’;t help but try lighting it to see, but the flame is pretty much invisible in the daytime.

So I waited…;…;.

Just so you know…;.. it was much more vibrant in real life.

To extinguish the flame, I used tongs to place the lid back on. It goes out immediately.

I’;m getting used to the bright blue fire glass and besides, it matches my DIY Fountain I made a couple of years ago. I think I’;m going to like my new DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl!

My next project may be a DIY Firepit!

** Use common sense when using fire of any kind. Read the instructions on the clean-burning gel.

I’;ve had readers ask if they can roast marshmallows over the small flame and the answer is yes?if it’;s one made for food. Sterno makes a specific one for roasting marshmallows.

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