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I have been completely obsessed with Tartan plaid lately. My love for plaid comes out every holiday season! This year took it a bit further and created these adorable Tartan Plaid Desk Accessories.?

It all started when I ventured to a local fabric store to find a couple of different Tartan plaids for gift wrapping ideas. When I couldn’;t find what I wanted, I then looked with no luckpillow cases linen, for scrapbook paper in a Tartan plaid. That’;s when it occurred to me that I could just print my own! I printed out several to see which ones I wanted to use.?

baby pillow set

I’;m giving you 4 patterns, but you may find more on ?Brusheezy.com

DOWNLOAD 4 FREE Plaid Patterns?

I already had a few?small paint cans from Lowe’;s and then I grabbed a couple of cans from the recycling bin. Having a variety of heights and sizes will allow you to organize a variety of supplies.

That’;s it! So easy!

Fill your cans and use them where needed. Placing them on a large Lazy Susan is a great way to save space.

I didn’;t stop there. I had to make Tartan Plaid Coasters?too! I originally shared on Tidy Mom.

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