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The cute Mother’;s Day Gift Ideas are?sponsored by Rich Products as a part of their #GiveBakery Campaign. ?All work, opinions and hair-brained ideas are 100% mine.

I think that Mother’;s Day might just be the sweetest holiday all year. ?I remember several years ago, we were flying on Mother’;s Day and I was traveling with my twins who were babies at the time. I got to the airport early, anticipating a long trek through security due to the presence of those little babies. ?I had them in the double stroller with a backpack on my back and a 6 yr old holding onto my one free hand as I approached the security line. As soon as I was in sight of the check in point one of the TSA (I’;m not sure it was even the TSA way back then) officers came up to me and said “;It’;s Mother’;s Daypillow cases linen, you shouldn’;t have to wait in line today.”; ?I was so touched that I almost started crying. ?The officer brought me and the kids to the front of the line and I was able to get through security quickly and easily. (It’;s wasn’;t terribly busy that day, otherwise I think the other travelers may have just hated me instead of appreciating the situation).

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It was on that Mother’;s Day that I realized that grand gestures and elaborate gifts are not always the most meaningful. Sometimes it’;s the simple gestures of love and thoughtfulness that mean the most to us.

Mother’;s Day is fast approaching. I always have grand plans as to what to give to my Mom and Mother-in-Law on Mother’;s Day. ?9 times out of 10 these plans do not come to fruition. ?The gifts don’;t get sewn and the cookies don’;t get baked.

I’;ve been thinking about what a Mom really wants for Mother’;s Day and I think that it’;s to hear that her kids love her and remember her.

So this year for Mother’;s Day I thought I’;d help you guys out a bit! I’;ve created these simple “;I Love You Mom”; tags which are designed to?be attached to a sweet treat from the bakery at your local grocery store.

Personally I love cookies, all kinds of cookies really but I’;m pretty partial to sugar cookies. ?I picked up a couple of varieties at the grocery store and used some berry boxes and doilies to dress them up a bit.

To make this gift, all you need to do is find Mom’;s favorite treat at your local bakery, and use a bit of creativity to package it up.

First of all, you need to download and print the “;I Love You Mom”; tags, you can find them on the Templates page. Make sure you read all of the directions at the top of the page before you download the tags.

Next, fold the doily so that it fits in the bottom of the berry basket then arrange the cookies inside. Once you’;ve got them looking like you want slip the box into a cellophane bag. ?Tie the bag closed with a bit of bakers twine and attach the “;I Love You Mom”; tags. You should be able to find all of the supplies in the party section at your local store.

Easy Peasy!!!

If you’;re looking for even more creative ways to package baked goods for Mother’;s Day or any other holiday make sure you stop by the Give Bakery Because Pinterest Board.

Their boards are full of creative and simple gift ideas from Ideas for Mom to great DIY Packaging Solutions.

and if you end up packaging some treats for Mom for Mother’;s Day in a creative way I’;d love to see it!! Send me an email or tag me on Instagram or Twitter @polkadotchair

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Take a step inside this beautiful Modern Colonial House as I take you on a behind the scenes tour.

I was feeling a bit sentimental before we moved, thinking about all of the memories we made in our home. I brought two of my babies home from the hospital to that little Colonial. We celebrated milestones, birthdays & achievements there, not to mention all of the sweat equity we put into making it beautiful. I wanted to capture the last moments before we moved with?photographs of how we enjoyed our home. They’re not only fun to include in our new home, but great for the girls to look back on?years from now. Here’s a peek of our family photos that I’ll always cherish…To catch my kids at their best, I always include their favorite activities during photo sessions. There’s no need to pose & definitely alleviates stress.Isla just watched in awe.We have spent a lot of time on this front porch swing. It was one of the girls’ favorite activities. As you can see, I’m the nervous mom watching for Isla in the background!We took this opportunity to get a rare photograph of ourselves, that didn’t include Chris extending his arm for a selfie. We have spent many hours on the same front porch swing watching the girls play.Another one of pure favorite activities was going butterfly catching in our backyard. As you can see, Isla was prepared.This is a typical day with the Blanners.Ani loves any opportunity in the spotlight, especially when she can showcase that missing tooth!Just a few days before we moved, it seemed like there was all too much to do, but I’m thankful we took an hour to capture these final moments in our home. I think it helped me cope with leaving & eliminated at least a few tears.?Have you taken photos just before ?a move or think you’ll do this next time?Images: Alea Lovely

Weaving is one of my favorite ways to approach a new embroidery project, because it's so much fun to experiment with. There's not so much of a right and wrong way to do it. The following steps will show you one way to approach weaving with embroidery. Once you've tried it out, start experimenting and trying some of your own variations. The blue backed embroidery pictured above is some of my own experimentation. It's full of options that you'll be able to do once you've mastered the following steps.