pillow cases linen Friday Faux Pas- Redwood or Deadwood- funny cushion covers

It is Friday once again and as we head into the weekend, I have another DIY painted kitchen ‘treat’ for you this week.

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Right, where do I start? Well let’s do the positive stuff first. This is a good sized kitchen with plenty of worktop space, plenty of storage space, a good floor area and what looks like a walk in larder, store cupboard or utulity room, which further adds to the open feeling of the kitchen. OK.that’s enough good stuff (well I can’t find any more anyway).here come the bad bits. This is yet another classic case of a room with plenty of potential that has been ruined and if you did this to my kitchen I would be seeing red for sure!

Grantedpillow cases linen, the units are a little dated or if I’m being a little more complementary – traditional – and I admire the desire and the attempt to modernise it with a bold splash of colour, (a lot of people are afraid to use red in any volume in their interiors so hats off to the owner for the brave attempt to include some vibrant colour) but, there is an extreme clash of styles colours and patterns going on here, not to mention an unnecessary amount of clutter which further confuses the scheme.

The red units look like they have been prepared and painted properly - unlike the ones in our Painful Paintwork?post – but the colour scheme is confused and I am struggling to find any logical connection between the red cupboards, light wood work top, black and white cooker, off-white fridge, white roller blind, silver microwave, yellow wall, beige floor and yellow and heritage green striped frieze – which incidentally overpowers even the red and hits you in the eye like a bad zebra crossing!

Statement Stripes are a big style trend this year and the bolder the better, but to get any kind of successful statement out of them they need to at least co-ordinate somewhere within the scheme, whether it be with style or colour and these do neither. The ceiling of this kitchen slopes down towards the window and the bold geometry of the strong vertical stripes against the ceiling line emphasises that.

This would normally be a desirable feature, but here it just provides a painfully unpleasant clash against the straight top line and colour of the red cupboards. A more sympathetic approach to the style of the units would have been better here rather than a strong clash with the relatively modern stripes. The red units would look better against a much lighter backdrop, preferably white and the whole scheme would be better still with white units against red walls.

The other irritating item in this kitchen for me is the notice-board fridge. A lot of homes, particularly those with children where the family has a busy schedule, need a space or place to pin notices, reminders and priceless pieces of ‘artwork’ done by budding young Picasso’s, but dedicate an area to it instead of using your appliances.

This will stop the kitchen looking shabby and cluttered and avoid any hindrance to general cleaning, which we all know is important in a kitchen. A simple cork pin-board or a fabric covered board with criss-cross ribbon strips to keep all the paperwork in place, will look much more stylish and tidy and facilitate general cleaning without too much hindrance.

The illusion of open space created by the lack of any door or screen into the larder is good in as much as it makes the kitchen look spacious, but if the larder can’t be organised in a more orderly fashion with domestic items hidden in storage units, then it’s better to include a door or screen to hide all the additional clutter. Red for kitchens is fabulous, particularly if teamed with white, black or grey (although it can work with natural wood), so I've put together a red kitchen collage and a striped kitchen collage for you to showcase how stunning both can look.

Windows are, in many ways, like the eyes of your home. They're how you see outside of your home and they provide an ideal place to carry your décor through to completion. Window treatments allow you to add visual interest to your living room through patterns, colours and texture. Brightly coloured curtains, drapes or blinds can be used to draw attention to your windows in a dramatic way or to make a bold statement through contrasting colours.

Consistently throughout our planning process, I tried to scour Craigslist on a regular basis. For the most part this didn't work out for me too well, because I tend to exhaustively research to feel that I've found the “best deal.” By that time, typically the item listed is already gone. I did luck out in one VERY budget-savvy way… Our cupcake stand!

You just found out that you’re pregnant – Congratulations! While this discovery is exciting itself, now you can surprise your friends and family with the good news. Do?you have a cute story about how you did this? Did you leave a bottle of prenatal vitamins on the kitchen counter for all to see?