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How to Make A DIY Upholstered Headboard

I purchased my otomi fabric for a steal on ebay, but as Grace suggested you can find one atJacaranda home. But any upholstery fabric will do. I purchased 3 pieces of 2’;X4’;X3/8″; particle board and one piece of 2’;X4’;X3/8″; plywoodfrom the hardware store, all of which fit in the back seat of my tiny audi a3. A California king size headboard is about 6 feet widepillow cases linen, so three pieces make up the headboard:The reason I did it this way was simply that I couldn’;t fit whole sheets of 4’;X8′; plywood in my car and didn’;t want to pay $80 to have one sheet of plywood delivered.

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So first I made a design that I thought could be cut from these pieces in a fairly simple manner. You can download the template here:King Size Headboard Template

Then I drew it on the wood. To draw circles, use a compass or this trick. Determine the radius of your circle (in this case 12″;) and draw a dot at the center. Tie a string to a pencil and hold one end of the string on the dot:

Draw your circle by pulling the string taught and dragging the pencil:

Now it’;s time to cut them out. Clamp your wood and use your trustyjigsawthat I keep demanding you buy:

Trim the excess fabric.

You’;re done!

To hang your headboard use flush mounts, also known as mirror mounts.

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