pillow cases linen Interior Design Inspired by a Cocktail of Colours 5- Black Velvet funny cushion covers

This cocktail can be made in two different ways – the original is made from stout and champagne or there's a 'poor man's Black Velvet which replaces the champagne with apple cider or perry. The art of this serving either version correctly is to have the bottom layer of champagne or cider with the stout on the top layer – it's important not to let the two mix.

Used for interior design the colours lean heavily towards a monochromatic black and white, or deep brown and cream. As these colour combinations have become a timeless classic they're ideal as an interior design theme which can be used in both traditional and contemporary styled interiors. In brief:

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Using black or white or a combination of the two is the basis for this colour scheme. White floors can have cheap rugs in black to remove any feelings of monotony and take away the clinical starkness that white floors can have, particularly in large rooms. For a more dramatic look swap the two around and have black flooring with white rugs; trendy animal print zebra rugs would be ideal.

Plain white is preferablepillow cases linen, however try using a textured or patterned wallpaper in black and white for an on-trend wall covering. If your room is small it's a good idea to use wallpapers with a metallic sheen to help bounce light around the room.

As with any monochromatic colour scheme you have either plain black or white lounge or bedroom curtains. If you want to make a feature of your windows large floral blooms in black and white offer a chic and elegant look. For a modern look use a combination of black window blinds and white curtains, or vice-versa.

Anything that is black or white! Table or floor lamps, bed throws or duvet covers in black add a sensuous and luxury look, while plain white provides a crisp, fresh look. As the name of this cocktail it would be fitting to use black velvet somewhere in the room, either as bedding or flocked velvet boudoir styled cushions and in the lounge sofa throws and cushions trimmed with black velvet are ideal and will add a touch of luxury along with a warm and tactile fabric which is perfect for snuggling into as the evenings grow chillier.

Windows are, in many ways, like the eyes of your home. They're how you see outside of your home and they provide an ideal place to carry your décor through to completion. Window treatments allow you to add visual interest to your living room through patterns, colours and texture. Brightly coloured curtains, drapes or blinds can be used to draw attention to your windows in a dramatic way or to make a bold statement through contrasting colours.

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