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Linen Care Basics

A friend jokes that she never really felt grown up until she traded in her motley assortment of faded, threadbare sheets for truly good bedding. We're not sure it's a rite of passage, exactly, but quality linens are an investment that helps you sleep better and face the day with more energy, sharper wits and a more positive outlook on life. And if you follow some basic steps to keep them in good shape, they’ll look great and feel wonderful for years to come. Here's what we recommend.


Washing &; Drying

It's a good idea to change or wash sheets once a week, to keep them looking fresh and to minimize dust and allergens for a healthier sleeping environment. We recommend washing in cold water with aplant-basedpillow cases linen, phosphate-free detergent and peroxide bleach(if necessary). Skip the fabric softeners and dryer sheets, as they just coat your sheets in chemicals and make themless breathable.Line dry, if you can, or tumble dry on a low-heat setting to avoid weakening the fibers.

For occasional spots or stains, pre-treat with a dab of detergent or use an oxygenated bleach, sparingly, on white fabric. We also recommend the eco-friendly Spot Off by Vaska which is enzyme based.


Make sure your sheets are completely dry before putting them away, to prevent the growth of mildew. Fold them neatly (or, when it comes to the fitted sheet, as neatly as you can) and slip each set inside its matching pillow case to keep everything tidy and organized.

Don't enclose bed linens in plastic, as they're more likely to get musty if you do.


Covers &; Protectors

A few accessories are super helpful in maintaining the condition of your bedding, pillows and mattress.

First off, never underestimate the value of a good mattress protector. It will extend the life of your mattress dramatically by helping to fend off spills, stains, sweat and skin oils. We recommend washing your mattress protector monthly.

Pillow protectors are another great idea. They help to keep allergens at bay, and they're much easier to launder than the pillows themselves. Drool when you sleep? Don’t worry, everyone does. Pillow protectors are key.

A duvet cover, beyond offering an opportunity to layer color and pattern on the bed, is a smart way to keep comforters clean and fresh. Ourduvet coversare all machine-washable for that very reason.How often you decide to wash your cover depends on several factors, including whether you use a top sheet, whether you like to snack or sip in bed, and whether you have a pet who enjoys snuggling with you. It's a good idea to wash your duvet cover at least once a month, regardless.

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