pillow cases linen Preparing For Christmas 5 - Bathroom Bliss funny cushion covers

Just like you would spruce up your lounge and dining rooms or kitchens for Christmas, bathrooms need some special attention too - guests will be visiting them! You might not put up a Christmas tree or be able to decorate a hearthpillow cases linen, but there are many things you can do to give this room of the house some festive cheer - even if it is done with extreme subtlety. For some inspiration, take a look at some of the wintry and Christmas features we have rounded up for you - you may choose to create a theme around several items or just have the odd touch of sparkle.

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I love pocketbooks. But I hate moving all my stuff from one bag to another. So I decided I could make a bag to go in my pocketbook that would be easy to move from one bag to another. I was going to just use some scrap material then I saw a tote bag laying with my material. Seems like everywhere you go someone is giving you a tote bag. Why not re-purpose one for something else. So lets make a Bag for a Bag from a Bag.

When it comes to Christmas preparations and home decorating for the festive season, some rooms are more obvious than others. For example, the lounge will usually have a Christmas tree all dolled up, the mantel gets some attractive candles, hanging stockings and some greenery, there will even be a creative display of all your Christmas cards and gifts.

With the explosion of retro/vintage inspired television shows and movies, fashion is once again taking notice of the fabulous fashion.? And that suits me just fine!