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Children love Christmas, but you have to prepare well to meet their expectations! As we get older it is easy to forget what Christmas meant to us as a child; you might want to jog your memory when preparing your children's rooms for the festive season and of course - Christmas Eve. Besides, every room should get its special features for this time of year.

Depending on the age of your childpillow cases linen, you might want to get them to help you create your own decorations or in choosing a favourable theme. Children love to get involved so set a day or two aside running up to the big day and get all crafty! It isn't always convenient to have your children decorate the main Christmas tree - it would only end up being covered in chocolate reindeer and snowmen anyway!

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Make a compromise by letting them have their own small to medium tree in the bedroom, in which they can decorate at their own will - just remember that you should be very cautious if you plan to use fairy lights; it might be better to leave them out with younger children. Don't forget to make a nice covering on the pot using cheap material bought from a fabric wholesalers UK and some faux fur or ribbon as a trim - you could even glue on a thousand sequins for a dazzling base.

There are many themes for decorating a tree and you should let your child's personal preferences come first. Red and green are very traditional for Christmas, but it doesn't have to be so strictly used in a child's bedroom; try using pink and green in a girl's bedroom or in a boy's room swap traditional forest green with an unexpected lime green curtains to make it more fun.

You can also use other colours that reflect a winter wonderland with lots of white and metallic accessories or go glam in teen girl's rooms with jewel amethyst and green. There are so many colour combinations these days that there is plenty of choice - you can even get black Christmas trees! Christmas Eve, children find it difficult to sleep so prepare for this with childrens blackout curtains and an extra snugly blanket or bed throw. Don't forget to creep in during the wee hours to fill the stockings at the end of the bed and drink the 'juice' and carrots - Santa's been!

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How much fabric to buy? It depends on your size and your height.? I bought about 2 yards of fabric, just to be sure to have enough (because you’ll see below you have to cut out good sized circles).? I am pretty tall and wanted it long enough…..plus I made my shirt with a 3/4 sleeve.? You could make yours sleeveless, short sleeve, whatever.? But 2 yards worked for me.. . .

Special Agent TF, your mission is to update our teen's rooms on a budget. We can't believe how fast they have grown and how their once loved bedroom décor has now become a living nightmare for them! They are begging for fresh designer looks, but is this at all possible on a budget?

If you are feeling just the way we were when we first saw this image, you are probably frantically rummaging through your fabric to get started. We first saw this adorable outfit when Terra from, mama says sew posted the tutorial for the cardigan and shorts. We just knew we had to learn how to also make this Retro Inspired Shirt. Since I’m sure you are all itching to start sewing, let’s get to it. Take it away Terra…