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You'll love to work in a dazzling kitchen brightened with accents of metallic tones. Whether you use metallic paint, floor covering or kitchen curtains, you'll find the glamour shiny metallic surfaces add complements the clean crisp look created in your kitchen. Metallic room décor is hotter than ever and you'll find an assortment of ways to create a dramatic look for the heart of your home.

Consider a little do it yourself with metallic paint for the cupboards. Whether you use gold, bronze, silver or one of the newer metallic colourspillow cases linen, it renews your kitchen area and creates an entirely new look. You don't have to use that much. If you like a little bit of the shiny look, consider a black and white kitchen and accent it by painting your breakfast counter chairs silver and adding some silver curtains. You can get a different, but still striking effect with a white kitchen accented in bronze and chocolate. If you've fallen in love with the look of metallic subway tiles for your back-splash, you may want to start with those tiles and develop the kitchen around them.

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You can achieve a Tuscan look by incorporating bronze or copper metallic tiles, mixing the kitchen colours with rich tans, browns and soft gold. Rich tan and brown marble can accent your counter as you blend the harmonious colours with natural wood accenting various areas. Gold may be the choice of kings, but when it comes to kitchens, copper often rules. From range hood to pot rack, copper accessories are a signal the kitchen belongs to a professionals or someone who knows quality and loves to cook.

You'll find some amazing copper artwork for use as a back-splash and even copper coloured kitchen curtains that can create just the right touch. Copper tiling and copper fixtures also enhance the decorating scheme. Copper tones blend well with almost any style of décor, whether it's country, traditional or even modern. While copper is versatile, there's nothing more dramatic than a silver, black and white kitchen. You can use white and silver as the dominant colours and intersperse bits of black for drama, or go for a stunning look with striking black as the primary colour using wood, white and silver as accent tones. Either way, your guests will want to spend as much time in the kitchen as you will.

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