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The trend for using animal prints continues to steadily grow for use in modern and contemporary homes. Of course we're not talking about genuine animal skins but the fabulous array of fabrics and materials inspired by the natural beauty of animal prints. It seems the rarer the species in the wild the more we crave to use imitations of the hides or fur, this is in part due to the latest fashion trends where faux animal prints are commanding presence on the catwalks.

Tigers, cougarspillow cases linen, snow leopards are amongst the most popular prints and can be found on a wide range of home furnishings and soft furnishings such as bedding and duvet covers. Some are replicas of the genuine print in style and colour while others add a modern twist by using the print pattern and dyeing them trendy colours such as purple. We mustn't forget the trend for using animal hide, such as genuine cow for large rugs to use in trendy loft-style apartments or faux zebra skins which are ideal to use in black and white bedrooms, teaming naturally with plain white or black curtains.

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It isn't just master bedrooms which are being given this lavish treatment, teenagers also like to include the latest fashions and trends within the confines of their own private space. Scatter cushions and bed throws with a animal print are a 'must have' item for many teens, especially girls. Boys on the other hand tend to opt for the animal hide approach which works well with rodeo or cowboys themes. Our inherent love of animals also makes us want to include their prints within our décor.

Bedding and cushions made from faux fur or acrylic are soft and by design make you want to stroke them . It's also been found that stroking tactile fabrics or real animals can lower blood pressure and help people de-stress – so although you can't have a real tiger in your home you could have a tiger print duvet cover or cushion to bring you comfort.

We also mustn't forget that as Winter approaches fleecy throws are ideal for snuggling into while you watch television, read a book or using them on your bed for an additional layer of warmth. It has to be said that you either love animal prints and want to use them everywhere or you loathe them – however, a compromise may be in order if you have trendy teens in your household!

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